Introducing Planning Maestro 4.0

  • Minnesota - WBWF


    Our latest feature is our new Dashboard that allows you to build overview reports on the health of your plan. You can now quickly see where your organization is currently on goals, strategies, and action plans and steps.

    0_1465320478251_ActionPlanCircleGraph.png 0_1465320498407_ActioStepsBarGraph.png
    Dashboard Circle Graph of Action Plan Dashboard Bar Graph of Action Steps

    Views for all Devices

    Our new look allows you to view and work within the Planning Maestro no matter what device you are using. We have integrated this new look with our new menu system, that allows you to organize different pages into menu groups for different devices, or even to remove pages for certain devices.

    Support for All Devices

    Customize Menus

    Organize your menus to meet your planning needs.

    As part of the upgrade process, the current “year” based versions of your plans will be converted over to the new versioning process.

    Customize Menus to Meet Your Needs

    Version 1

    Version 2

    Version 3

    Customize Presentations and Reports

    The configure presentations and configure reports pages now allow you to organize your presentations and reports into categories. You can build customized presentations using a variety of different modules.

    0_1465320616514_ConfigurePresentations.png 0_1465320636676_ConfigureReports.png
    Create Custom Presentations Customize Report Page


    Select from a color scheme and style on our new Theme Configuration page. There are 6 different color schemes and 2 different styles to choose from.

    Default Style

    0_1465320817086_369px-DefaultDefault.png 0_1465320834881_370px-BlueDefault.png 0_1465320860648_368px-DkBlueDefault.png
    Grey Default Style Blue Default Style Dark Blue Default Style
    0_1465320873702_370px-RedDefault.png 0_1465320883812_369px-GreenDefault.png 0_1465320897475_368px-BlackDefault.png
    Red Default Style Green Default Style Black Default Style

    Tab Style

    0_1465320909305_370px-DefaultTab.png 0_1465320919659_387px-BlueTab.png 0_1465320928640_371px-DkBlueTab.png
    Grey Tab Style Blue Tab Style Dark Blue Tab Style
    0_1465320937302_369px-RedTab.png 0_1465320948642_370px-GreenTab.png 0_1465320961655_369px-BlackTab.png
    Red Tab Style Green Tab Style Black Tab Style