Practicalities of Use

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    First, there is a round icon in the upper left corner of the screen. It probably has your first initial showing. If you click on this, it shows a menu with your user name and a few status selections.

    Choosing your user name will show you your profile. This is information that will allow other people to know who you are, as well as to indicate your forum preferences.

    Looking at your profile, notice a blue dot on the left with three dots on it. If you click on that you will see many options but one of them is Edit. If you choose this, you can enter or change the information people can learn about you from your profile.

    One thing that people like to do after clicking Edit, is to change their icon. Notice it on the left of the page and that, below it, there is a menu labeled Options.

    You can also enter your name and other good information to make it so that your colleagues on this forum can know you.

    Another important function of that blue dot is Settings. This lets you control many features of the Chorus.

    Second, there is a row of icons along the top left. Hover your cursor over those to see what's what. These give you a variety of ways to access the information in the Chorus.

    An especially important one is Tags. These can be defined at any time on any post. If you choose the Tags icon in the header, you will see all the tags in the system. If you click on one, you will see all the entries relevant to that tag.

    You can do the same thing with Users.

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