The Main Idea of This Software

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    Here's the first thing to know: This forum program is much closer to Facebook than to some old-school bulletin board. It has topics and questions and answers but it also has chat and following and notification and real-time update. Once you find these functions, you can use them to reach out to specific colleagues and to know when people answer or otherwise talk about your issues.

    The second thing to know is that there are a lot of ways to find information here. There are tags and general search, categories and groups and people. Each of these gives you the ability to locate information in various ways.

    Tags seem especially valuable. If you add a tag to your post or reply, then someone can later notice that tag and use it to find your post.

    These search methods are important because of another excellent thing about this program. It allows the users to organize data in ways that make sense for the topic. This site is initialized with categories, but more can be made. You can have replies to replies.

    The final thing that is important to note is that this program helps you judge the quality of the answers. The most important feature for this is Upvote and Downvote. These allow you to tell the next reader that you judge the post to be of high quality.

    The system also maintains a reputation system. Depending on many factors, especially including up and down votes, it will let you know that the person who wrote a post has a good reputation for getting things right.

    This is helpful if you are going to decide what to believe, but it's also fun. By doing things to improve your reputation, you are also doing things to help other people create and execute better plans.

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